AUTHOR | Leah Chevallier  |  March 2023


This time of year is so fun and frustrating at the same time, we are waiting for the true thaw of winter to be finished, hoping for no more nights dropping below zero, and dusting off the seed catalogues and garden planning books.


Part of the immense joy I have in my business is the connection to the earth, getting my hands dirty and dreaming and planning the flowers for our line of natural products. Growing our own calendula flowers, lavender, and herbs to dry and use in our famous Rash Rescue cream and bath bombs is the icing on the gardening cake. (Sorry for the photo share Sophie!)

So, as we wait for the big thaw to start, I am happily flipping through seed catalogues, plotting out raised garden beds and planning what will be going in the greenhouse beds. I start dreaming of summer mornings in the garden, sipping a hot coffee while walking through the beds to see which seedling is sprouting up, what herb or flower is going to be the first to burst open. It is one of life's simple pleasures, and one that is not taken for granted in my garden.

Happy almost spring!

March 13, 2023 — Leah Chevallier
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