Calm after COVID, and the fire, and the heat dome and....

AUTHOR | Leah Chevallier | January 2022

Well the inevitable plague got us literally on the last day of 2021! My daughter and I both came down with what we thought were colds just after boxing day, and to our surprise, we both tested positive for Covid.

It is a bit of a blur, but overall, we are grateful to have been down with mild symptoms with only 1-2 days of serious discomfort. Glad to have the antibodies and to be on the other side of that and 2021... what a year! From fire insurance, store theft, weeks after starting to reopen from the fire, to heat domes, forest fires, losing 2 sweet pets to the heat wave and then flash floods in the fall to crazy snowstorms. This year has served us up a little bit of everything.

Has it been tough?


Have we learned anything?

You bet we have! We have learned that gratitude can be found in the darkest of corners and in the tiniest of moments. That complete strangers can be bring you to your knees in a puddle of tears, with their thoughtfulness and generosity. Our community of Fort Langley is truly out of a story book, with its film worthy charm and character,  along with a community of residents with a genuine backbone of solidarity, support and love for one another.  I cannot imagine ever living anywhere else. If you need to go through a plague, store fire, heat wave, flash flood or any catastrophic event.... this is the place to do it.  

In light of Covid changing the landscape on so many levels, my heart aches for the businesses that have been forced to close their doors. For the ugly division that is happening between the vaccinated and vaccine-free crowds, I wish we could all just respect each other's decisions regarding medical rights and not force our opinions on others. We should all be working together on big picture humanity right now, not myopic, individual agendas. Respect each other, speak without judgement and without tainted vocabulary. You are triple vaccinated? Great, glad you are confident in your choice! Your are unvaccinated? Great, glad you feel confident in your choice. I respect you either way. 

So here we are looking forward into 2022 and believing, manifesting, praying that 2022 WILL be a million times better than 2021 (and 2020)... and with all the love and light I can muster on this blustery, winter day, I am sending you all a huge Happy New Year hug and massive thank you for all your support this past year.


Leah & Sophie





January 06, 2022 — Leah Chevallier

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