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Farm Fresh Founder

"As an avid vegetable, herb and flower gardener, I see myself as a small caretaker of this earth. In a sense, we are all really only "borrowing" this planet while we are here, each of us choosing how we live and consume.

I have made it a personal goal to choose a journey of eco awareness, zerowaste living, refilling, and creating natural products. My goal is to leave the smallest footprint possible behind me, and share my love of natural products with you!

Care to Join me?"




About Chuckling Duckling Farm!

As a redhead with sensitive, freckled skin, I spent my life searching for natural, gentle products that I could use easily. Back in the 1980's one of my part-time jobs while going to Camosun College was working for the iconic Body Shop.

This was my absolute immersion into the world of CLEAN products with ingredients I could pronounce & understand that would not hurt or damage my skin.

Fast forward to motherhood and my love affair for eco-friendly, healthy and all natural products took another leap forward. My goal for each of my 3 perfect babies was to use only the cleanest, purest of washes, soaps, diaper creams and household products.

I learned early on that calendula cream was a magical balm for diaper rash, eczema and skin issues... and that soothing lavender essential oil was a new mom's best friend at baby's bedtime. For 15 years, I have been producing hand-made body & home products and now am evolving further into the world of herb, flower and vegetable gardening!

When my youngest baby became sick when she was 6 years old, we found ourselves navigating a 4 year journey through Children's Hospital and 100+ seizures a day. With perseverance, a 2 year alternative treatment and a dedication to clean living, clean products and clean lifestyle, we persevered and am thrilled to say that Sophie is seizure free and thriving!

These past few summers, we have grown crops of calendula flowers (the never-ending flower season!) and we harvested continually from end of May to October. We are proud to say that we air dried every one of those beautiful, sun filled blossoms and have added them to our bath bombs, floral face steam kits and infused them into various oils. We also grew nasturtiums, roses, cosmos, rosemary, lavender, cilantro, basil, sage and spearmint for our soaps and bath bombs.

My sassy 18 year old daughter is growing up right beside me, learning to love the earth through gardening, harvesting, growing herbs, vegetables, flowers and more. She just finished her first season working at Cedar Rim Nursery and loved it.


She is my creative, artistic, ethereal soul who wants to save the world, one day at a time. She whole-heartedly understands the importance of natural products, pure ingredients and being eco aware. She is enthusiastically helping me create new products for her age group and is my #1 product tester. Her favourite essential oils are lavender, vanilla, pink grapefruit, lime, and lemon! Perfect for her combination sensitive but oily skin.

Together, we bring you a line of bath, body, and home products to delight and soothe your skin and enrich your senses all while respecting the planet. I love using rich butters, essential oils, and quality ingredients to produce luxurious items for the whole body. From body & face lotions, massage bars, bath bombs and soaps to natural laundry soap and all-purpose cleaners. We only use all natural ingredients, growing what we can, buying locally when possible (including cranberries, pumpkin, herbs, and dried flowers).

Come visit our little store in charming Fort Langley and say hi!