Evening Mist | Luxury Bath Tea

Hibiscus & Rose  |  Moisturizing Coconut Milk  |  Bath Tea Blend

Luxury bath time at its most divine! This diva-worthy treat is dried hibiscus and red rose buds, and pink rose petals with dried coconut milk. This anti-aging, rich blend will leave your skin SO soft!

This floral and milky, mountain-inspired bath will relax and revive your muscles while re-energizing your soul. Paired with an aromatherapy experience with our palo santo incense and our soothing sounds playlist. This sensory bath experience will help you re-invigorate your tired and weary soul.

Our bath tea blend uses 100% pure and all-natural tea, dried flowers, and botanicals to achieve a nourishing bath experience with nature-infused aromatherapy. You can use the entire contents of one sachet for one decadent bath, or split into two baths.

Our bath tea blends come with:

  • Washable, reusable muslin sachet
  • Botanical Bath Tea Blend
  • Palo Santo incense stick
  • 2 Sizes to choose from, small is enough for 1 bath, large will do 2-3.
  • Scan the QR code on the bath container for a relaxing, spa music experience to round out your self-care ritual

How to use: click here to see full instructions including our Spa playlist!

 *Keep in mind these are actual ingredients used for tea, so plan on rinsing your tub afterward and maybe do not use your favorite white towel right after soaking, just in case your skin transfers some of the "tea" water.