Lavender Foaming Face Cleanser

Lavender Face Cleanser
Luxurious smooth lather, this Lavender FaceWash thoroughly removes dirt, excess oil and makeup while soothing and treating the skin with organic aloe and natural oils.  This rich, airy foam washes away impurities, reduces oil and refines without stripping the skin of essential moisture. 
Hand-made with coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera juice and organic lavender essential oil, this smooth and rich face wash gently lifts away dirt while respecting sensitive skin. 

  • Available in 2 sizes -  "Sleepover Size"  60 ml & 240ml 
  • Combines effective all natural ingredients that work at keeping skin clear and beautiful
  • Incredibly effective at gently cleaning and preventing oiliness and blemishes
  • Easy, natural products to approach skincare for tweens
  • Vegan, biodegradable, pH Balanced, Chemical Free, naturally non-toxic
  • Not tested animals