Retro Rose Cold Cream

Old Fashioned Rose Cold Cream - (Refillable instore)

We took an old-fashioned classic cold cream and made it luxuriously romantic with the healing benefits of rose otto essential oil, with just a soft hint of rose! Made with 100% natural ingredients, pure rose water, and our own hibiscus-infused oil blend.

Our grandmothers knew this little secret was amazing for washing off makeup, gently lifting dirt, and cleaning pores at the end of a busy day. It was time to bring it back to life!

This item is produced in small batches by hand to keep it fresher longer. It is refillable but we do not fill face creams larger than 50g at a time. Keep your lid on tight and use a clean teaspoon to dip into your cream each time, this helps keep bacteria out.


A small pea sized dollop worked into a luscious, light creamy consistency with warm water, massaged all over your face and neck is the epitome of soft, gentle self-care!

**Photo is our bulk swingtop jar, this items ships in a small plastic jar with screw-on lid, 50g. Currently available in 3 sizes, plastic jars.



Distilled Water, Rose Hydrosol, Rose Essential Oil (Pure), Sweet Almond Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Natural Emulsifer & Preservative