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Dish Block - Toxin Free


No B.S. Dish Block  is a 100% natural dish soap BAR that sits proudly at your sink, like a little eco soldier, battling dirty dishes with a single swipe of a scrub brush or Swedish dish cloth! One of our favourite ways to use this multi-purpose bar is on laundry stains. Simply pre-moisten your fabric, then rub directly with the bar. Let sit at least a few minutes before laundering normally. Check the stain before placing in the dryer and repeat treatment if needed. 

🌍100% natural ingredients

🌍 Replaces 2-3 bottles of dish soap

🌍Made locally!!

🌍 Pure coconut oil grime busting citrus blend of essential oils


Natural Ingredients

We use only all natural ingredients, butters, oils and botanicals.


Always cruelty-free and animal aware, with vegan options available as well


Where palm oil is used, we source sustainable and responsibly harvested options

Dish Block - Toxin Free

Dish Block - Toxin Free

  • Can I order online & pickup at your store?

    Yes! Choose pickup as your delivery option at checkout!

  • Do you do custom bath bombs?

    Yes! If you want a custom scent or something for a special event, sent us a message!

  • Do you offer refills online too?

    We offer PREFILLS online, so we fill your favourite all natural items into pre-sterilized glass jars for you to fill at home. Bring the jars back or repurpose them!