Flora The Garden Fairy | Hardcover Book 🧚🏼‍♂️


*Includes FREE Nature Sounds Soundtrack via QR code to Spotify

AUTHOR: Leah Chevallier

ISBN: 978-0-9869608-4-0

Flora the Garden Fairy is a charming and enchanting rhyming e-book for children that will take them on a magical journey through the garden where Flora the Fairy, with her ruby red hair and a heart full of love, is in charge of loving all the plants and garden critters, big and small. Each image is a glorious watercolor image with hidden critters to find and educational content about bees, seeds, and how gardens grow.

Use the QR code to listen to the enchanting garden scape soundtrack while reading, your little ones can listen to crickets, frogs and more while you read this whimsical bedtime story. Soothing background sounds to encourage drowsy booktime!

This book is a celebration of art, with gorgeous watercolor-painted images, and nature soundtrack for background ambiance and adorable critters to find on every page!


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