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Flower Water Toners
Flower Water Toners
Flower Water Toners
Flower Water Toners
Flower Water Toners

Flower Water Toners


100% natural, hydrosol (flower waters) make the most gentle face toner for your skin. Hydrosols are typically steam distilled and are a by-product of the process of extracting essential oils. They are 100% pure, botanical based goodness for your skin!

Super Versatile!

Facial Spray - Hydrosols are excellent for balancing, toning and circulation. Use lavender for combination to oily or sensitive skin. Rose is good for all skin types! Chamomile is gentle for dry and sensitive as well.

Body Spray - Lavender and Rose hydrosol are my favorite after a bath or shower! 

Hair Spritzer - Spraying a little hydrosol in your hair can enhance shine, moisture and make your hair smell amazing! Rosemary hydrosol is not only cooling but has shown signs of stimulating hair follicles-it’s the perfect scalp spray!

After Shave - Hey guys and gals! Hydrosols can have a slight tightening effect as well as soothing properties. Spraying a bit on after shaving can protect the skin as well as calm and prevent irritation.

Linen & Room Spray - Spray hydrosols on pillows and sheets in between laundry days, also spray it in closets, drawers and smelly shoes!

Healing Spray - When burns and scrapes are too painful to touch, a hydrosol can really come in handy! Lavender and Chamomile are very helpful in healing.

Cooling Spray - Peppermint Hydrosol is the perfect relief on a hot day! It’s cooling benefits are perfect for hot flashes as well as fevers. Got a pup with hot spots? This hydrosol is much less agitating to them then peppermint essential oil.

Make up Setting Spray - Use the rose as a make-up setting spray

These flower waters are gentle, versatile and smell so lovely!

Choose from:

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Chamomile
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus

130ml *GLASS bottles are refillable! bring them back washed and dry and refill to save 10%


Natural Ingredients

We use only all natural ingredients, butters, oils and botanicals.


Always cruelty-free and animal aware, with vegan options available as well


Where palm oil is used, we source sustainable and responsibly harvested options

Flower Water Toners

Flower Water Toners

  • Can I order online & pickup at your store?

    Yes! Choose pickup as your delivery option at checkout!

  • Do you do custom bath bombs?

    Yes! If you want a custom scent or something for a special event, sent us a message!

  • Do you offer refills online too?

    We offer PREFILLS online, so we fill your favourite all natural items into pre-sterilized glass jars for you to fill at home. Bring the jars back or repurpose them!