Seeding Square - Square Foot Gardening Tool

Grow the perfect garden!

Seeding Square helps you perfectly space your veggie garden allowing plants to thrive and flourish and grow BIGGER! The kit comes with a sturdy, plastic grid tool designed with square foot gardening principles and measurements. The colour coded cheat sheet helps you plant the proper groupings together that ensure maximum plant growth and size. Did you know peas an beans do NOT play well together in the garden? The cheat sheet will help teach you which plants thrive beside each other and which ones will fail.

The grid pattern is perfectly spaced for any size vegetable and fruit you want to grow! From tiny Nante carrots to brussel sprouts and cabbage!

Locally designed by Langley couple, Jen & Karl Pratt, these gardening super heroes even landed on Dragons Den AND landed a deal last January!

In light of the viral pandemic underway though, their supply chains are grinding to a halt, so what a perfect time to start getting your hands dirty, get your homeschooled kids planning a garden AND support a local business!

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