The Parisien Charcoal Face Bar

Everybody’s favourite soothing face bar with just a whisper of bamboo charcoal! Lathers up into a creamy, gentle face wash, the delicate balance between clay and charcoal ensures that dirt, oil and blackheads get pulled from your skin.

This gorgeous, gentle, luscious cleansing bar is full of wholesome goodness!

🌸Avocado & Coconut Oil

🌸Hemp & Rice Bran Oil

🌸Shea Butter

🌸Blackhead busting Bamboo Charcoal!

🌸 French Pink Clay to gently lift dirt and oils.... ooh-la-la (yes there is a complete under layer of PINK under that gorgeous black swirl, top layer!

Soothing, skin-loving blend of essential oils including rose geranium, chamomile, lavender!

Perfect for all skin types, yes, even sensitive skin. This is our Founder's own special recipe that she has used for years when the Dead Sea & Pink Clay was not keeping those pesky, hormonal breakouts at bay.